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The individual approach

The student benefits from a specialized teacher, in the time and place that suits them, for a minimum of 25 hours in order to be eligible for the make-up exam. In order to learn more about the advantages of the individual approach, click here.

The group approach

Over a period of 3 weeks, the student attends class for 3.5 hours per day, for a total of 45 hours. They will also benefit from a one-hour online session every evening. This is the perfect time to ask questions about their homework or about the subject matter seen in class during the day. To learn more about the group approach, click here.

Online courses

This new approach allows a student to retake a class in the comfort of their own home while at the same time receiving the same quality of teaching and support as in a classroom. The simple, user-friendly platform used is accessible from a computer or tablet. These are live courses offered by a teacher, not pre-recorded videos. To learn more about the online approach to summer school, click here.

More than 1000 tutors at your service

More than 1000 tutors at your service
We help thousands of families in Quebec


The best tutors

Our certified tutors are highly qualified to ensure exceptional, personalized service.


100% satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with the first meeting, we will reimburse you the first hour.



We verify our tutors' identity and criminal record in order to ensure an impeccable service


Competitive prices

Our prices vary between $38 and $48 per hour. No minimum number of hours is required. The services are tax deductible.


Experienced advisors

Experienced advisors will find your child the best tutor and will accompany their academic career.


Thousands of students have received help

School Success has helped more than 30 000 students since 2006. 92% of them improve their grades.


Our services

Services customized
to the needs of every student

Remedial classes

To help a student who has fallen behind in one or many subjects.

Exam preparation

Thoroughly reviewing a subject in order to be ready to the exam

Summer classes

To pass one or many supplemental exams and start the year off more confident

Entrance exam preparation

To prepare you child as much as possible for their high school entrance exam in order to get the best result.


To give your child an extra hand in order to improve their grades or simply to satisfy a desire to learn.

Homework help

To offer the support needed for your child to complete their homework and lessons.

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